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Delaware Division of Public Health

Help Is Here

Prevention matters. Recovery is possible. Treatment works.


The addiction epidemic is claiming countless lives daily. In 2009, overdose deaths exceeded motor vehicle deaths, in the state of Delaware. Delaware Division of Public Health (DDPH) wanted to provide information, and connect those affected, to people that can help.

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AB&C put together a website that focused on the positive aspects of getting help, instead of the usual negative reinforcement and shaming. We consolidated Delaware’s vast list of resources and combined them with helpful information to create a platform to help those in need.

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Help Is Here leads with deeply personal stories from local community members, thus putting forward the feeling of compassion and understanding.

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This is followed up with helpful information, offered to visitors, no matter what point they are in their journey toward recovery.

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Each section is then finished off with a robust table of resources, offering the visitor the most up-to-date information and connecting them with care providers and thought leaders, ready to help.


Since the site launched, DDPH is reporting a boost of those seeking help, as well as a decrease in overdoses and deaths steming from addiction. Although this epidemic is destroying so many lives, I am happy that myself and the agency are able to help in some way. If this tool helps save just one life, it will have been worth it.